Livelink Export Browser
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Livelink Export Browser

Browse any Livelink Enterprise Content Server export as if you were still accessing the actual server. Open documents for reading and view metadata directly. Search engine makes document retrieval easy.

Runs directly from any storage media, including USB Memory Sticks or external hard drives. You can even easily set it up permanently on a dedicated web server.

Requires exports made by the OpenText Object Export module.


Runs directly from any storage media
Runs directly from
any storage media!
  • Mirrors the Livelink structure exactly, from the point of export
  • GUI is designed to mimic Livelink, for ease of use and instant recognition
  • Open any documents, included in the export, for reading
  • Search enigne allows searching for object names, metadata (category attributes), and object types. Search from the current folder, or the entire export
  • Instant access to metadata (category attributes) for any object
  • Add metadata columns to the browse view
  • Make collections to quickly extract groups of documents to your computer
  • Runs directly from any storage media on a Windows based OS

Administering Livelink Export Browser

  • Easy to use - adminstration is done in the same GUI
  • Test exports, to ensure they can be imported to the system successfully
  • Configure attributes to display when browsing. Decide whether to make metadata sortable in separate columns or group them together
  • Can handle several exports. Great for users on the move, involved in several projects
  • Once an export is set up, it can be cleared and reimported any number of times


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